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Maximum flexibility in a modular robot cell

Maximum flexibility in a modular robot cell

Robot combines workpiece, fixture and tool handling in a five-stage complete solution


  • Automated loading of a G550 5-axis machining center with workpieces and fixtures
  • Plant with one employee in 3-shift operation and unattended production on weekends

Work piece

  • 30 different worm screw jacks, cast and aluminum
  • Batch size from 1 – 200
  • Workpiece weights between < 1 kg to about 80 kg


  • Large variety of parts, which require high level of manufacturing flexibility
  • Limited area in the production hall
  • ERP integration required


  • OP10
  • OP20
  • Automated deburring
  • Automated cleaning

Description of plant

  • Modular VB robot cell
  • DockLock zero-point clamping system on machine and feed table, setup area for operator and robot flange
  • Hydraulic 4-way clamping fixture with embossing and pendulum jaws
  • Lift system with automated storage, height: 4 meters
  • Loading and unloading in the rear during automated processing
  • KR240 robot for fixture, workpiece tray and double gripper
  • KR10 robot for deburring
  • Master computer software for networking


  • Higher machine utilization due to assured process reliability also in unattended shifts
  • Improved quality due to consistent processes
  • Analyses of statistics in the production process enable better optimization

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