Videos & Application examples


VBA robot cell for smart parts manufacturing

VBA robilo cell

VBA entry-level robot cell

VBA large cell

VBA heavy load cell

VBA heavy load cell with vba fixture handling

VBA rotary cell: unloading, air cleaning, testing, measuring and labeling

VBA smartcell milling

VBA robot cell automation

Zero-point workpiece clamping

AC-Line [automated change]

vb DockLock AutoSAFE 30

centroteX AC [automated change] : automated clamping device change-over

Modular workpiece clamping

VBA Fast Mill D49-Programm

VBA Fast Mill D90 Full-Assembly

High-performance cutting

Trochoidal and peripheral milling

With vhm high-performance hpc milling cutter

Milling of an aluminum part for the aviation industry

With milling cutter types aero-o-ets, aero-extl and t slot cutter

Hard machining hpc milling

With int-ct copy master

HPC drilling

With the trs-ho 3-edge high-performance drill with

HPC deep-hole drilling

With wdo deep-hole drill

HPC rough machining of aluminum

At high machining speed

HPC deep-hole drilling

With wdo deep-hole drill

HPC-thread cutting

With screw taps A-SFT

Toolholder systems

VBA powRgrip® functions video

VBA powRgrip® PGA video

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