Manual workholding technology

DockLock safe

Hydraulic zero-point clamping system

Form fit clamping with collet for maximum draw-in forces, designed for low wear with only three moving parts. With diagonal pull handling and push-up function.

Draw-in force: > 12.500N | Holding power: > 40.000N | Repeatability < 5 µm

Draw-in force: > 20.000N | Holding power: > 60.000N | Repeatability < 5 µm

Draw-in force: > 30.000N | Holding power: > 90.000N | Repeatability < 5 µm

DockLock airline

Pneumatic zero-point clamping system

Draw-in force: > 12.500N | Holding power: > 40.000N | Repeatability < 5 µm

Workpiece change-over in seconds!

Developed by us for you – time-proven design consisting of Rustproof tool steel.

The modular design of the DockLock® enormously reduces time and costs in production, while ensuring maximum flexibility of your processes. The universal interface guarantees that setup will take place with no blocking of capacities – namely outside the machine. Whether for measuring, turning, milling, EDM or grinding: DockLock® reduces costs, while increasing the speed and flexibility of your production processes. Our extensive experience in zero-point clamping technology enables us to offer you high-quality customized solutions at reasonable cost.


  • Setup parallel to production time reduces machine downtimes by up to 90 %
  • Maximum flexibility allows interruptions for express jobs at any time
  • Zero-point repeatability < 5 µm – change-over without repeated measuring
  • Inexpensive clamping bolts for convenient retrofitting of existing clamping devices
  • Dynamic, vibration-damping, form fit and frictional clamping – improved surface quality, longer tool life and greater reliability

Standardized base plates and built-up cylinders ensure maximum flexibility and are suitable for a broad range of requirements and manufacturing areas

The patented collet lock allows change-over of workpiece pallets with no jamming. A draw-in force of up to 30 kN guarantees a form fit and frictional connection between the zero-point clamping system and the workpiece.

Customized solutions help to optimize machining potentials and to prepare your machine park for the higher demands of the market

Direct and low-cost integration in machine tables, pallets or fixtures is achieved with flanged base plates. DockLock zero-point clamping technology is designed for future-proof expansion, for example through the use of optional air-blast cleaning, contact and locking control, or external media passage.

Complete machining in just one clamping setup

  • For applications requiring a high level of flexibility
  • For fixture building with requirements for high-end clamping devices
  • Excellent for pilot production, before the final custom fixture is constructed
  • Optimal supplement to the K5000/5001 line (clamping between columns): Complete machining in just one clamping setup
  • Suitable for single parts, large series, multiple clamping setups, manual or hydraulic versions

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DockLock safe & airline

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