From the workpiece to the clamping device and the finished automation solution.
You buy the machine. We do the rest.

Your challenge: you strive for unattended manufacturing.

Our offer: we plan the entire process and implement it for you.

Starting with perfect workpiece clamping we plan and implement the optimal robot cell for you, with all required components and peripheral equipment, so that your production is fully automated.

We provide you with everything from a single source – from the clamping device to the robot, and even the software. For workpiece clamping we have solutions for the entire spectrum of rotating and stationary clamping devices.

You too can take advantage of our no-hassle complete automation solutions!

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Automation with Vischer & Bolli automation robot cells

The new Vischer & Bolli Automation robot cells open all paths to automated production for you. We also offer an overall concept including the entire workholding technology for all different components from a single source.

Select from among the following options:

  1. Pallet handling
  2. Workpiece handling
  3. Toolholder handling
  4. Master computer software for entire cells
  5. Peripheral equipment such as lift systems, measuring machines, deburring cells, labeling systems, cleaning systems, automated guided vehicles, etc.

The modular design of the cells means that you can choose the extent of the functionality. In addition, you can start out in different upgrade stages. You can clamp workpieces in the fixture manually at the setup area (for single part manufacturing) or have this carried out by the robot in an automated process for serial products.

If possible, unattended production of at least 48 hours (weekends) will be implemented.

The workpieces are embossed right in the clamping fixture. Closing the front doors allows manual tasks at the machine, such as insertion of parts.

Offline CAM programming for the robot is possible via the master computer software

Pallet sizes from 150×150 mm to 2000×2000 mm, handling weights of up to 8 tons

In case of insufficient toolholder positions in the machine, additional toolholders can be changed via the cell, such as toolholders with a custom length that cannot be changed directly via the machine.

Machines without media passage can also be automated. In this case, the fixtures are opened and closed with the robot and a torque driver.

Robot cell automation

The absolute added value of these automation solutions is the modular design in different stages. They are based on modular pallet-loading systems for direct workpiece loading with automated changing of the fixture. The number of fixtures, workpieces and toolholders is variable.

Due to custom requirements, upgrade stages and clamping technology have undergone continuous development in recent years.

The robot cells are designed for one-off and serial production, and can be used with any machine tool.


Up to 10 kg for turning and milling

  • Trolley system or standard floor roller system
  • Pallet-loading system, for mounting on either side for feeding of
  • Raw parts and discharge of finished parts; different carriers are possible
  • Continuous conveyor with removal station
  • Loading and unloading with 6-axis industrial robot
  • Very compact design
  • User-friendly controls


Up to 80 kg for turning and milling

The smart way to get started with cnc automation

  • 3D camera systems for automated workpiece detection
  • Low initial cost, return on investment within 6-18 months
  • Ideal for batch sizes of 10 to 1000, 5-minute setup time
  • Graphic dialog control for operation without robot skills
  • Convenient provision of material on table trolley or with Spacebox


Up to 70 kg for turning and milling

The modular automation system

  • Robot capacity of 20 to 70 kg (shown here in the middle)
  • Single part handling from the customer or Euro pallet, optionally with and without camera system
  • Quality control with measurement, optionally with cleaning
  • Buffer tower for workpieces / clamping devices
  • Sealed protective enclosure / sealed robot cell


Up to 300 kg for milling

  • This modular robot cell is designed for easy upgrading based on customer requirements
  • Low initial cost with numerous upgrade options
  • Entry level version only with fixture handling up to pallet size 500 x 500 mm and handling weights up to about 300 kg
  • User-friendly controls, intuitive, no robot skills needed
  • Upgradable for workpiece and tool handling


up to 500 kg for turning and milling – full upgrade stage

  • We offer these overall concepts for milling, turning, grinding, assembly, etc.
  • Systems are available with diverse peripheral equipment for production from a batch size of 1 to large series
  • You can choose between fixture, workpiece and tool handling
  • Robot sizes up to 600 kg
  • Pallet size up to 1000 x 1000 mm, with or without
  • media passages
  • Complete workholding technology for turning, milling and grinding, etc. for basic automation in modular VBA large cells


Up to 8 tons for milling

  • Very compact design, small turning radius
  • Modular design based on customer requirements and very sturdy construction
  • 360° tower rotation without fork protrusion, setup area rotates 360°
  • Traveling X-axis on request
  • Weights from 500 kg to 8 tons and pallet sizes up to 2500 x 2500 mm
  • Large gripper fork telescoping range, which can be adapted to the pallets
  • Can be operated with or without zero-point clamping system
  • Complete VBA clamping concept for manufacturing large parts
  • Master computer capable

Zero-point clamping system DockLock

hydraulic or pneumatic

Zero-point clamping system for automation

Zero-point clamping systems can be used on a broad range of machine types and for virtually every conceivable machining requirement. There are two types of products.

  • Built-up cylinders that are fastened on the existing machine table
  • Flanged base plates and cylinders for integration in a machine table or pallet

The systems are released hydraulically and use spring force for clamping. The clamping force and the draw-in force of the base plates/cylinders are maintained until the clamping system is opened by a hydraulic release signal. To maintain the existing clamping force, the pressure medium does not have to be connected to the clamping system.

This means that zero-point clamping systems, when planned correctly, can also be used in designing robot cells, production islands and production lines, for positioning of workpieces and fixtures.


The new industry standard for automated clamping of workpieces

Toplus ac and spanntop ac chucks from hainbuch enable automated change-over of clamping heads and workpiece end-stops. This enables unattended setup and manufacturing of workpieces with different clamping diameters, profiles and lengths.

Automated change-over of entire clamping devices is possible with centroteX AC interfaces, which can be individually adapted to different requirements.

Key advantages

  • Automated change-over of clamping heads with or without a workpiece end-stop
  • Automated change-over of mandrels and chucks
  • Reliable processes, proven through successful use by numerous customers
  • Flexible and efficient production, even in one-off production

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